024AD: Case Closed

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day - 161

As much as we've been able to transition our Detective game sessions from in-person board game nights to online game sessions, it has been a bit of a struggle to get all players together to go through the different cases. Internet reliability in this country is pretty atrocious and it has been consistently getting in the way of our scheduled game sessions. This has been particularly frustrating for our Detective campaign since we were left with the final case 5 in queue for some time as repeated Saturday sessions kept getting canceled due to internet issues by one or more players.

But today we finally got through the final case of the main box despite the internet throwing us a few curveballs along the way and it was quite the fulfilling the journey. The meta-plot that spanned the 5 cases was certainly an intriguing one and in the end, we had managed to gather enough information to come up with a feasible explanation for everything that had gone on. 

And this was quite the feat as our online game sessions involved using Google Jamboards to organize our efforts for each case and create relevant mind maps for what we had discovered or at least speculated. We also used Google Drive to host scanned game card images to share essential clues and even Google Meet's screen scaring function to allow everyone to read along as we'd access the Antares Database to pull up relevant information about the different cases. I even had a full timeline of events that we had more or less identified across the cases in order to have a central understanding of what the heck had happened and when.

But yeah, things ultimately paid off and what is more important is that we all had a lot of fun and had managed to find a way to still play a board game together despite this pandemic.