024AC: Closures as Signs of the Times

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 160

We closed our physical office today. I keep telling myself this is just a temporary measure, but I still couldn't help but feel sad about it. And it's a little funny since it's not even like we really customized the space all that much as it was ultimately a service unit, but it was still sort of our "home" for our Manila operations for quite some time. 

So we're really going to keep working from home for an indefinite amount of time. I signed a 6-month rental for the storage unit where we stashed our remaining furniture and equipment. I was tempted to sign a 1-year lease, but let's start with 6 months. Maybe we'll able to able to resume more "regular" in-person operations come...February?

Why does that still feel rather optimistic?

In the meantime, gotta be thankful that we're only giving up a physical space and not the company itself. Operations continue and there's still a lot to get done in order to still keep things running smoothly despite quarantine and all the challenges of this global pandemic. And keeping busy with all the initiatives assigned to me is certainly going to help pass the time. 

For a holiday that fell on a Friday, today was a crazily busy day for me. At least it's now the weekend, so we can all relax and figure out ways to unwind.