024AB: Highs and Lows

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 159

In retail therapy news, we had some quirkier purchases arrive. The first was a new set of face shields we secured to keep pace with the changing quarantine requirements in Taguig. We have some 3D-printed shields from my dad but we figured getting another set would be a good idea since all commercial establishments have been required to enforce face shield and face mask usage to help stem the spread of the disease. Then we got a huge roll of wax paper to support our baking and roasting efforts since we haven't been able to find any during our last few grocery runs. 

Tobie's received items were a little more amusing. They ranged from additional filters for his CPAP to a calamansi cake along with a new secondhand board game. I focus on more essential supplies and Tobie keeps the Sietch a happy place or something haha

Work was kind of crazy today. On top of all the different work challenges and things that needed to get done, we also had a G Suite outage that affected essential services like Gmail and Drive. Even Tobie had to really trudge through the complexities of today and that didn't help things much.

At least we had a #BaduyPride episode to look forward to at the end of the day that helped give us a little outlet for today's stress. Like we said, gotta celebrate your wins to see things through. And these live stream vlogs are always a win for us - or at least a moment of joy.