024AA: Quarantine Confusion

Tuna, Veggies and Eggs Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 158

Today's our first day back on GCQ and there's still a lot of confusion as to what exactly is going on right now. The different local government units are finalizing the rules for their respective cities and such as the IATF continues to give the majors a lot of leeway in terms of how to manage their respective municipalities. 

The Safe City Taguig Facebook page has been spamming scans of the latest pronouncements together with hurried graphics of the different aspects of the rules that are in place. And that's because the GCQ we are under now is trying to be restricted than the GCQ we were following right before we reverted to MECQ and yet still different from the first GCQ we went through at the beginning of June?

Taguig is no longer requiring quarantine passes except for local areas that have been locked down while Quezon City is still requiring them. The Taguig government is saying that face shields are only required for employees working on-site and for public transportation but some establishments in BGC are imposing face shields as an additional requirement for entry regardless. It's the wild, wild west of regulations and whatever else they can impose and enforce. At least all the Metro Manila cities agreed on a single quarantine schedule - we're all restricted between the hours of 08:00pm and 05:00am. Not that most of us have anywhere to go, really.

I can only assume that everyone means well and is trying to implement regulations that make sense and will somehow help slow the spread of COVID-19. And for us regular citizens, we're all doing our best to stay safe while still making a living and caring for those important to us. 

In theory.