024A9: Delivery Days

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 157

When you've been in lockdown for over 5 months because of a global pandemic, online shopping has become far more important as a relatively safer way to purchase things without risking going outside and exposing yourself to the elements. There's still a modest risk of COVID-19 to linger on the items themselves or otherwise in or on the packaging, but that can generally be mitigated by disinfecting the items and of course yourself. 

Today I had to go down thrice for different deliveries that all happened to arrive today. It was funny to go down so often, but I guess it was nice to get more steps in?

The first item to arrive was my replacement Fitbit InspireHR. While my existing Fitbit continues to work as a tracker, a weird bug with the display caused it to die slowly line-by-line until the whole thing turned black. After going over the basic troubleshooting steps in the Fitbit forums, they put me in touch with a customer service rep who quickly dispatched a replacement unit. Thankfully they used FedEx and not standard post, so the item didn't get stopped at customs or something.

The second items for the day were our new face masks from LocallaĆ©. Our previous abaca masks from Lazada were okay but (1) a little small and (2) were starting to fall apart after only a few washes. So we wanted to support this local brand that provides employment to local indigenous weavers around the country that we had seen the O Divas support on social media. Of all the designs, we ended up with these Pinilian masks from the Ilocos Region that mainly stood out because of the incorporation of blue and green in the design. They're quite beautiful although I do wish they were a bit bigger. But they certainly look studied than our last set of abaca masks. 

Finally, we got another My Shopping Box delivery of items we had ordered from the US. The lion's share of my orders tend to be my regular Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships models that come every month, but today's delivery included my pre-order of Imperial Settlers: Rise of Empire, which is a new campaign mode for the much-beloved Imperial Settlers game. While I have no idea when we'll play the game since it's fun to include other players in a campaign-style experience such as this, but this quarantine may continue on much longer than we'd like, so it remains a distinct possibility. 

New deliveries are a happy thing and they certainly add an element of surprise and excitement to the mundanity of quarantine life. Maybe we should space out small orders across the weeks so there are little "surprises" here and there. For now, I have...a roll of wax paper and some new face shield deliveries to look forward to. Yay.