0249F: Saturday Rundown


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 147 

It's our first weekend back under MECQ and I had arranged things such that I didn't leave the house today. I expect the next time I'll need to step to will most likely be next Saturday, but we'll see. Only Tobie left the Sietch yesterday for the weekly grocery run, and that's about it. Such is life in lockdown.

Since I had more time, I managed both a 6km indoor jog (although I guess I could have jogged longer), and a 30+ minute yoga routine using the Nike Training Club app. The app had actually scheduled today as a recovery day, but I just had one on Thursday and didn't feel like another full rest day was needed. Plus the yoga was more to help me stretch and loosen up some tighter muscles and I did feel better after going through the whole thing. I'm not sure what the app is going to do for tomorrow in response to my "excess" physical activity today. My constant efforts to challenge the app to, well, challenge me more does result in weird scheduling quirks that affect my overall workout plan in the app. 

Tobie and I watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood on Netflix over a late brunch. I had tried to watch this movie on my last trip to Singapore but I clearly fell asleep since there were scenes in the middle of the movie (e.g. the subway) were totally alien to me. I love Mr. Rogers as I grew up with his show that taught a lot of people the importance of kindness and this movie is quite the lovely tribute.

And you should really read the Esquire article at the center of the movie's story. It's a great piece.

The afternoon was invested in unboxing recent Transformers acquisitions that still made their way to the Sietch despite quarantine restrictions. I know they're not essential supplies, but the delivery people weren't stopped by the authorities, so I guess it's okay, right? I had a good line-up of figures to "work" on today and I super love the new Earthrise editions of Sky Lynx and Scorponok. Unfortunately, giant robots are hard to find a safe place for amid the other collectibles so that means I have some giant robots standing around different parts of the living room haha.

I finally ordered a new coffeemaker in today's Lazada 8/8 sale. Our 10+ year old Krups coffeemaker is now stuck in the "on" position, and is probably due for replacement. Prior to this, it wouldn't always turn on when the switch was toggled, so there's definitely a physical issue with the mechanics of the switch. I've been tempted to open it up and tinker with it, but for now, I'm looking forward to our new Hanabishi combination coffee grinder and coffeemaker, even if it can only brew like 3-4 cups at a time. It's a fraction of the price of the combination machines of international brands, so it felt like a decent enough appliance to take a risk on.

So yeah, that's my Saturday in a bit more detail than expected. Hope you're all having a good yet still safe weekend. 


  1. Glad you had an eventful day, and congrats on the new coffee maker! Can't wait to try it out the next time we're there.

    1. I love the inherent optimism of the statement "next time we're there".
      I'll hold onto that.


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