02499: Closing the Gates Again

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 141

As I compose this blog post, the President along with the IATF is making a public address in response to the call by various medical groups and other frontline healthcare workers. It's very likely they're going to revert things to a stricter level of lockdown, this being MECQ, which will probably mean the return of quarantine passes, restricting certain types of business from operating again and stopping things like dining in at restaurants. It's kinda sad but it's certainly for the best because our hospitals and isolation facilities are at capacity and the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise at an alarming rate. 

Taking things back to a stricter level of quarantine also means stricter policies in place for condo visitors, so I wonder how that might affect my visits to my family. Our own condo just opened up the option for us to have guests over, but it sounds that it may not yet be prudent to exercise that. 

Despite rising COVID-19 infections, GCQ was not without its benefits. I'm glad we were able to get the washing machine repaired already when GCQ started, so that's a major relief. Last Friday's actual dine-in date with Tobie at Sariwon was also a special treat and a nice way to shake off the stress of quarantine thus far.

But at the same time, this feels like one big reminder that my birthday celebration at the end of the month will just have to remain virtual for now and we won't try to arrange for a close friend or two to visit to play games all night or something. That would have been nice, but of course a risk for everyone involved (as I've repeatedly discussed on this blog and only my social pages). Now it just becomes a question of how to make the most of things given the constraints we face.

Stay safe, everyone. The fight against this disease is FAR from over.