02498: Steps Forward, Steps Back

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 140

The "long weekend" continues with...more of the same stuff as before. But routines can be reassuring, so I should just be thankful for that, right? Like today I got to visit my family today because that's what I would usually do on Saturdays before all this lockdown craziness started. The only difference was that we all kept masks on the whole time we were talking about everything going on because it was the prudent move at the time. Still a little weird though, but it was for the best.

Today we struggled to get through our Pendragon game despite how the rain-affected internet reliability for a number of players. Despite this, we still managed to get through the session and move the story forward in an interesting enough way. We're a quirky band of knights making our way forward in the world. And I may be becoming some sort of a druid/wizard.

We just confirmed that our condo is okay for guests again as we have a new QR code contact tracing thing in place. But of course, if the government responds to the pleas of different medical groups to revert Metro Manila to a stricter quarantine level like ECQ or MECQ, then that revelation is moot. This goes back to our older discussion of who we can invite over provided that (1) it's safe enough for us and (2) the risk that we might infect our guests if we assume we're potential carriers. But this discussion may not matter in the end because of the potential for stricter quarantine levels again.

This is a weird start to my  birthday month indeed.