0248E: Quasi To Do List

Transformers: the Movie - Perceptor

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 130

Here are a few things I wonder if we'll ever get around to while in lockdown.

Vlog/Livestream/Video Content Creation
Surprised that I never bothered to cross-post our one live stream vlogging attempt - so I hosted it in a Baduy Pride blog post to put it out there again. We've been in quarantine for over four months and the notion of exploring becoming content creators together never came up this whole time. Talk about the effects of quarantine stress, I guess. Maybe it's something worth revisiting? 

Writing Something
Tobie always encourages me to write but I haven't been in the right headspace to explore my creative side as of late. Heck, I've been struggling to update this blog. But maybe if I really sit down and try, I'll come up with something?

Reorganizing my Transformers
Admittedly my collection is a bit of a mess. There was a rushed attempt to get them sorted into bins when we moved to BGC from Cubao, but I never found the time to revisit those bins and make sure there was more of a system to things. Plus there are new figures being added to the collection all the time, so all the more I need to make sure I know where everything else.

Fully Exit Post-Moving Status
For that matter, we still have a number of bins and boxes that haven't been opened since we moved here. We really should invest some time in getting them sorted, but you know how this quarantine is like - sometimes it's so hard to find the motivation to do certain things. 

Map Out My BattleTech Campaign
Again, we have the time for it, so I might as well invest some work into my Battletech campaign for the far-off future where I'll be able to run the session for friends. As much as I love BattleTech, I know it's going to be a LOT of work. I should get started.

Try Baking Other Things
I can prepare my weekly batch of keto pandesal from memory, so I have that covered. I should probably try baking other keto desserts and stop buying desserts prepared by retailers and other keto enthusiasts. But I dunno if I have the patience for it just yet. Which, in itself, is a shallow excuse.

There is no end to the things we all could be doing while in quarantine. But it's always so hard to get around to starting any of them. 


  1. The vlog is somehow a good idea if you could record the board games (with the players' consent), which is something to talk about. :D


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