0248B: 18 Weeks of Progress?

Two Bowls of Sinigang na Bangus

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 127

Welcome to Quarantine Week 19! And what do we have to show for it? Our COVID-19 numbers are close to 70,000 cases with over 40,000 active cases in the country. At least we have a new anti-terrorism law coming into effect? [raises sarcasm sign]

We've made some good use of this quarantine, I suppose. We've learned to cut our own hair. I've started baking my own keto pandesal to supplement my diet supplies. I've kept up with my workout routines all throughout this lockdown period. Tobie has pretty much master roasting things in the oven. We've learned to incorporate other kinds of mushrooms into our meals beyond classic button mushrooms and shitake mushrooms. I've descaled a bangus for the first time in my life. So yeah, a lot of weird domestic achievements. 

Oddly enough, we've acquired over a dozen board/card games despite the quarantine. We've played a few of them and they're definitely fun additions to the Sietch collection. Others we're probably going to defer playing until we can have friends join us, especially the one-time experiences like mystery games or escape room experiences. And some we can't actually play yet because they require a minimum of 3 players, which obviously we can't manage right now. The collection keeps growing but the games are...limited. But we'll get there soon enough, right? Masked Game Night anyone? hahahuhu

This quarantine is also when I've actually felt the need to lock down all my social media accounts despite how I enjoy putting my thoughts out in the world and not being afraid to share my opinions on things. It's when I had to lock down this blog, something I never thought I'd need to do. But I guess one can look at it as something like LiveJournal's old Friends-only post option. I tell myself this is only a temporary measure. 

Things will get better. We will be better. We just have to hold onto that sense of hope and the trust that things will return to something close to the old normal. It's just going to take a fair amount of time.