02486: All Dolled Up With Nowhere to Go

Legendary Marvel Deckbuilding Game Expansions

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 122

Today another of our boxes arrived from the US. We've been using the MyShoppingBox forwarding service to get our US-based orders all the way back to the Philippines safely. Given that (1) we typically choose the cheaper,  but longer, sea cargo option and (2) they temporarily halted delivery services in the first month or so of the quarantines both in the Philippines and the US, it's a little unnerving that we've been in lockdown long enough for those purchases to catch up and make their way over here.

The irony of today's batch of deliveries is that a lot of them are part of the Legendary family of deck-building games, which we do enjoy a lot, but we're unable to play them - at least not freely. And it's largely because it turns out we're out of the particular type of card sleeves that we use to protect all of our Legendary sets, so we can't integrate the new expansions with the existing cards since they'll obviously stand out as unsleeved cards. Trust me, it's a serious gaming thing. 

Today I also sent out messages to our different gaming groups to confirm gaming schedules for the coming month, which is August. This has always been our practice ever since we started organizing regular board game and RPG sessions with friends, but it kinda feels a bit sadder to do so while we've been in quarantine. Obviously, we haven't had our usual board game meet-ups this whole time, so those have temporarily disappeared from the calendar. So instead, we just have online game schedules, which are still fun but just not quite the same sort of fun. 

So here we are still getting new games for tabletop gaming meets that aren't happening. Sure, Tobie and I can still play most of these games on our own, which is well enough. But there are some that we literally can't like games with a 3-player minimum - this includes games with a bluffing element like Shadows Over Camelot and the Battlestar Galactica board game. And then there's our recent Oink game acquisition of Startups, which we can't try out because it needs 3 players!

Most days, I'm generally okay. We have a lot of other things to focus on like work or those aforementioned games running on weekly schedules to help pass the time. But then things just fall into place every now and then, and they act as reminders that we've given up a lot for the sake of public health and yet we aren't necessarily seeing worthwhile results, largely because of government's nonsensical approach for dealing with this pandemic.

I really miss being able to meet up with friends in person to share the joy of a new board game with.