02485: Soup Stories

Two Bowls Chicken Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 121

Soups have always been a family staple. For many years, dinners in front of the TV would most be associated with bowls of soup and rice and that always felt like home. I guess you could say that pork sinigang was my definite favorite, but it's not like I didn't appreciate chicken tinola, beef nilaga, picadillo, and that creamy chicken soup that always hit the right spots. 

It's no surprise that when I finally decided to learn how to cook because I was no longer living at home, I prioritized learning how to cook different soup dishes to return to that sense of home. Plus I learned one of the best things about soup - they stretch well and yet keep you full. And since I only feel comfortable cooking full pots of soup, we always have some leftovers for another day.

My keto life has its share of staple dishes that more or less comply with the principles of the keto diet. I have a neverending variety of stir-fried veggies with different proteins mixed in and Tobie has learned to bake or roast things that can be paired with a hearty salad or blanched veggies.  And this quarantine has inspired me to get back into cooking our own soups and continuing that cycle. I may not have rice in my bowl, but I enjoy everything else that comes with the experience. 

Tinola is surprisingly keto-compliant, which is awesome since it's pretty easy to prepare. Sinigang involves a lot more prep work but the general soup principles remain the same and thus it still works. And now I have variations of clear broth mushroom soups and kimchi soups that add a bit more variety and come loaded with lots of cruciferous vegetables to help round things out.  And greens have become quite essential to my keto life. 

Soups are forever going to be my ultimate comfort food. And we need all the comfort we can get given the present circumstances.