02480: Too Soon to Tell


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 116

Last week, Tobie picked up lunch at our favorite Korean place, Sariwon, and discovered that they were finally open for dine-in service. We have yet to really explore any of the dine-in options since they started opening up mid-GCQ largely due to safety, but it got a little tempting to consider that as an option after months of staying at home. 

But that was last week.

Starting Sunday, our daily COVID-19 case updates started to hit all-new highs and it was clear we were going through some sort of a spike. Sure, it may just reflect wider testing efforts and so many other reasons, but at the end of the day, it just confirms that there are more COVID-19 cases out there than we understood there to be previously. And bringing things closer to home, Taguig City is reporting significant increases in cases as well, with most of them centered in Barangay Fort Bonifacio, which includes BGC. Apparently, some construction site has been confirmed as a new cluster of infections, causing the sharp rise in cases this week.

So now I'm more than a little unsettled about all this and it makes me want to stay home all the more. We didn't just want to eat out for the same of it, although a return to a sense of semi-normalcy would have been nice. But it's more to support businesses that are important to us since the last thing we'd want would be for our favorite restaurants and stores to close just because of the pandemic. But of course, health is the main priority still and I don't think we're quite in a place where it's truly safe to go out.

Thus for now we'll probably stick to take-out and delivery. And we'll continue to hope that somehow the government stops being totally random in its approach to addressing this pandemic.