0247F: BattleMech Time?

Jorge Sanz from Aldaia, Spain / CC BY-SA
Jorge Sanz from Aldaia, Spain / CC BY-SA

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 115

It's almost midnight, and as usual, the President's promised statement to the public hasn't happened yet. And it's not like I was even trying to wait for it - by now I know not to expect. But on a day like today when the new cases still seem pretty high and Barang Fort Bonifacio, in particular, seems to be experiencing a new surge of cases since Sunday, the desire for some sort of escapism becomes almost essential.

So we're finally watching the last season of Jane the Virgin, which is always great feel-good fare and for some reason, we never got around to finishing the show. And I've switched my reading to lighter stuff - these being the BattleTech books. This helps explain my image choices for recent blog posts. 

I LOVE the BattleTech books. The back story for this tabletop game that also inspired many computer game spinoffs isn't very rich history that I know quite well, and yet there's still so much more for me to learn about and explore and probably countless sourcebook for the tabletop RPG that I haven't even begun to read up on.

As much as I love this franchise, I've never actually played the tabletop game. I've read so many of the fiction books set in this universe, but I've never experienced the original tabletop game. Sure, it's probably more tactical than what I'd like when it comes to RPGs, but there has to be some use for my love for this fictional universe and its diverse history, right?

But it's hard to really figure that out while still waiting in quarantine.

Almost midnight, still no speech televised meeting.