02454: Holiday Activities


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 72

This was a long weekend thanks to the Eid'l Fitr/Hari Raya Puasa holiday today. Tobie stayed up late participating in an online tabletop RPG session at Strategicon Gamex 2020, which is great since it's always a gift to connect with fellow hobbyists from around the world. I tried to keep more to my regular sleeping schedule, albeit late by a few hours. 

I still woke up more or less as normal since I forgot to disable my work alarms. My primary conceit to the holiday was not rushing to get out of bed and not starting my workout until it was past 09:00am. I know the "Floor is Lava" workout is designed to be of medium intensity but all those jumps felt a lot more intense than advertised. As of late, I've been squeezing in indoor jogs on top of any workout that was less than 30 minutes, but today was not one of those days. I do my best to listen to my body and not push things too hard.

To make up for the limited activity though, I did venture out for a supply one at the Real Food, the specialty grocery. On top of the usual keto ensaymada muffins by Keto Filipino I get as desserts, I also picked up another bag of almond flour for continued baking efforts. I haven't worked up the nerve to bake anything other than keto pandesal, but that's already plenty since I'd previously spend a lot on much smaller, less filling buns. I haven't quite worked out the actual costs since the way I divide the recipe is still a little inconsistent. But we'll see how this goes - I'm honestly enjoying the baking process.

Beyond that, Tobie and I were able to make time to finally try the Japanese Islands expansion for Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. I love how this game is both familiar and different versus the original Imperial Settlers and yet it still has a unique cadence of its own. The new factions add even more varied gameplay that shows a lot of promise. Like most other games we've played over the quarantine period, it would be even more fun to see how this plays out with more players at the table, but we'll have to wait for quarantine to end before we can test that out.