0244D: A Moment of Gratitude


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 65

So instead of thinking about all that, let's focus on things to be grateful for. This list will become an easy target for people who like to call out privilege, which is valid to a degree. I know we're luckier than most. 

1. I'm grateful I work in a company whose business can survive with all of us working from home. We've managed to remain fully operational without needing to curtail benefits in any way.

2. Tobie and I live together and thus are quarantined together. I know many couples have been kept apart because of this situation and haven't been able to see one another in person for over 2 months now.

3. BGC hasn't been a terrible place to be quarantined in given good access to essential supplies, so we can't really complain. We live within decent walking distance of both groceries and drug stores and we've been to keep the Siech well-supplied and I've even been able to help with the family resupply efforts as well.

4. Our family has always been a very "connected one" and we've made good use of the internet to stay in touch across two countries. Of course, I miss seeing everyone in person, but the daily calls help with coping. I miss my nephew dearly, but at least I can rely on my sister to post IG stories of his daily antics. 

5. We've managed to shift a lot of our tabletop RPG sessions online through Discord and have almost weekly touchpoints with several gaming groups. Beyond having fun through the games themselves, it's nice to "hang out" with friends, even if just virtually.

6. I've managed to keep up with my fitness efforts even just at home. I haven't missed a workout throughout the entire quarantine period thus far.

7. I've also gotten through quarantine thus far without breaking my keto diet (save for Tobie's birthday Mango Bravo). I thought I might have to relax my low-carb restrictions should the local supply chain get weird, but things stabilized within the first month of quarantine.

8. As our home is pretty much a working shrine to our geeky hobbies, we're never without things to do to help pass the time. From books to read to board games to play, there's always something.

9. The internet is a gift that has helped us also stay in touch with friends. Personal support networks are crucial for getting through a complex, stressful situation like this pandemic and we're glad for the help we get and the love we're able to show in turn. 

10. As stressful and crazy as this crisis has been for all of us, the different stories of heroism and resilience have been quite inspiring. We've seen innovative uses of the internet to spread positive messages or to organize aid for health care workers and other people working on the frontlines of this pandemic.