0244C: Quarantine Routines

Roasted Porkchops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 64

After two weeks of various levels of quarantine, Tobie and I have generally settled on a routine for daily life at the Sietch. 

1. Wake up around 07:30am
2. Bathroom 
3. Vacuum the Sietch before laying out my exercise mat
4. Exercise
5. Prepare coffee
6. Shower
7. Prepare coffee
8. Once coffeemaker is empty, setup the diffuser
9. Tobie and I juggle between preparing meals or ordering take-out occasionally
10. Daily Elevate brain exercises
11. Daily Duolingo exercises
12. Daily personal blog update
13. Head to bed around midnight

1. Work from 09:00am - 07:00pm
2. On some Thursdays, visit Real Food to stock up on keto supplies
3. Most Fridays Tobie makes a grocery run

1. Some Saturdays are family resupply days
2. Online game sessions on Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons