02449: Starting a New Adventure

Global Frequency

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 61

The old Trinity line of RPG titles is one that is always dear to our hears, particularly the pulp-themed Adventure! book that represented the oldest point in time for this line. I totally fell in love with the game when Tobie first introduced us to it and it's one that I'm always willing to return to time and time again. 

As part of a desire to start another game campaign with a friend, we've opted to explore the new Trinity Continuum series of RPGs using what they call the Storypath System. Their new version of Adventure! isn't out yet, so we're going to try the Core rules first set in a contemporary period. The game still allows players to be extraordinary without necessarily being full-on super-powered protagonists (that's more Aberrant) and we're hoping for more of a Planetary or Global Frequency sort of show.

We worked on our initial character concepts tonight. As is often the case, I had no firm idea of what I wanted to craft but over the course of following the character creation steps, someone came into being. I ended up with a female globetrotting adventure who is part Indiana Jones and maybe part-MacGyver at times? We'll see how things actually come together in the game, but in terms of the different skills and abilities I gravitated towards, the character that emerged does feel like a lot of fun to play. 

Celebrate the little things amid whatever we're calling this quarantine today.