02448: Mixed Feelings

Roast Chicken Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 60

Work today was really busy. Lots of reports. Lots of meetings. A lot of things that needed to get done. Busy can be good since it gives one something to focus on instead of all the craziness elsewhere.

Another contact had to ask to borrow money today because this marks the 9th week of no-work, no-pay for them. We shared what we could but it didn't feel like much and yet it's not like any amount will ever truly feel like it's enough. And given how bad things are in some quarters, I'm pretty sure this is not the going to be the last time either Tobie or myself will consider "lending" money to folks who lack the means to really cope with this situation. And given we're also going through a budgeting exercise for the shared Sietch finances, I figure we may need to allocate more money to such cases.

The media focus for the rest of this week is all the changes between the current Enhanced Community Quarantine and the coming Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. There's a long list of different types of businesses that will be allowed to operate starting 16 May - a list which sadly excludes barbershops and salons. There are still going to be a lot of travel restrictions in place and very limited transportation options for those select industries that are being allowed to re-open at 50% capacity, but there are still a lot of people who are going to remain without work or income. 

MECQ still hopes for the relative safety and protection of ECQ but includes significant compromises to industry. The economy is hurting and I'm guessing that economy really needs to get going not just for the welfare of workers but for the country as a whole. Too many bad variables in this equation. I'm not sure if we're working through the right solution.