02445: Bracing For Another Week/Month

Breakfast Bowls

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 57

Today is Mother's Day, and I'm glad that we were able to arrange for flowers this year despite the quarantine. Given how strange 2020 has been thus far, it's hard to feel like anything can feel anything close to "normal" any time soon. But yeah, honorary for small indulgences like this. I would have preferred to have been able to deliver the flowers in person, as I've managed to do in recent years given the family lives in BGC as well, but these are difficult times and we have to accept making some sacrifices.

We're entering our 9th week of quarantine and it's not yet certain if anything is going to change after 15 May, or if the current ECQ status quo will remain. I'm steeling myself for this particular scenario since it's better to over-prepare during situations like this. I can be a pretty optimistic guy when I want to be, but this ongoing crisis calls for a more practical and realistic approach to things.

I already have a pretty decent quarantine routine that has kept me going thus far. I still get to keep up with exercise and Tobie and I are able to keep the Siech well-stocked in terms of important supplies. And as businesses have also worked to adapt to the quarantine constraints, there are now more options for buying supplies both online and around BGC, so things aren't as difficult as they were during the first month of ECQ. 

And then we've managed to get two of our RPG campaigns fully transitioned to online thanks to Discord and we've also revived two board game campaigns in the form of Sherlock Holmes and Detective with both decently transitioning into online experiences. It's not the most ideal way to enjoy these tabletop games, but these interactions certainly help us feel well be a little closer to the old normal. We just have to take what we can get during these difficult times. 

And since we're already spending less on luxuries and leisure activities, I'm also putting some serious effort into re-aligning our finances, implementing more of a budget, and just making sure we're spending right. Then in the future when things are better, we'll have a better sense of the impact of bigger indulgences like our O Bar nights and figure out a proper budget for things like our board game purchases and all that fun stuff. 

So yeah, I guess that represents the self-development project for this period. May we all come out of this stressful experience as better people, or at least better than when the different lockdowns began.