02441: Finance Apps Exploration

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 53

Yesterday, I spent a better part of the afternoon migrating our office's ledgers to an online platform called Wave to help with our tracking and reconciliation. Thus far I've been using a series of Google Sheets to track our revolving expenses outside of what our accountant handles for us separately. It started out as a somewhat tedious affair, even just to catch up with our 2020 numbers. But by the end of the process, I was happy to see how things aligned and how we managed to break down our costs more efficiently than what I had been doing manually up until this point.

This has led to me considering applying similar budgeting/accounting software to our personal finances, and naturally, my sister is trying to get me onboard with YNAB, which is what she's using for her own stuff. I'm not sure what I might end up using, but whatever it is I'm bound to rope in Tobie to some degree, at least when it comes to our shared expenses for maintaining the Sietch and such. There are a lot of free options around but most are oriented towards working with US financials while there's a dearth of integrations for our local banks. My main banks, BPI and Unionbank, are pretty technically forward versus many others but they don't seem to provide any decent integration options for use. So any solution I end up with will most likely be one where I'll need to input all of our transactions individually.

But it's probably time I migrate away from just using Excel or Google Sheets for this sort of thing. Just have to find a solution that works out well enough without overcomplicating things. I don't want to sign up for apps at will though just to see what they have. So we'll see how things go.