0243E: Sunday Session

Two Bowls of Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 50

Wow. 50 is a big number. But here we are - we've been in quarantine for 50 days and are still scheduled to stay in quarantine for at least a dozen more.

For the "long weekend", things started more or less as normal. I worked out. Tobie made a supply run. And beyond that, we only really had our Pendragon RPG session scheduled for today. But no complaints there - these now-weekly online RPG games are one of the reassuring geeky routines in our schedule. At least we still get to play despite all this quarantine business.

Today's game was a pretty epic one. We played for a good 5 hours with the focal point being another major conflict. Thankfully none of our player-characters died, although mine didn't even get to participate directly in the battle. But it was a great session and definitely one of the highlights of this campaign. And I say this even if I mostly just walked around in a circle around an old king for a better part of the session? Hahaha

Well, another work week looms ahead. We get the bonus of a Singapore holiday on Thursday - but it's not like I'll have much to do with that extra day. But we do the best we can with what we have available to us for now.