0243A: Quarantine Gaming Constraints


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 46

Wednesday nights have largely remained to be Vampire nights for us at the Sietch, thanks to the likes of Roll20 and Discord. We already gamed pretty regularly before the quarantine and our ability to game on most weeks has been a source of reassurance despite the complexities of the current situation. Gaming online is no full substitute for the in-person experience, but these sessions help.

This long into quarantine has everyone feeling a little stir crazy here and there, whether people fully realize it or not. I feel it tugging at me a times and it can only be described as this general BLAH feeling where you're not quite as motivated to do things. Case in point, it was a weird struggle to figure out what board game to play after work last night. Both Tobie and I were open to playing but it was hard to decide on what we actually wanted to play. Part of it is how playing head-to-head in a 2-player setup can be very different versus playing with other people and I think we're both missing the vibe of other people complicating our respective in-game plans. In the end, we played another cooperative escape-room-style game, which was still a fun experience. 

This ECQ is expected to last for a full nine weeks with the currently scheduled end date on 15 May. Our best-case scenario after 15 May is to hope things get relaxed into General Community Quarantine, but it's still going to mean some measure of quarantine for a significant period. Thus leisure activities like game nights or heading to plays like O Bar probably won't become a viable option just yet - not for the foreseeable future. This prospect is not a happy one, and this has been discussed with our different gaming groups. But we all know we'll do what we have to do to get through this COVID-19 period. 

Let's all hope for the best for now.