02437: Arthurian Distractions

King Arthur

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 43

One of our bigger struggles throughout this quarantine period is how to keep up with our tabletop gaming schedules. With a lot of these being long-running campaign adventures that we're all heavily invested in. And with no immediate end to this Extended Community Quarantine in sight, getting our tabletop RPGs to work online has been a major priority. And let's face it, when you're used to sitting with the same group of people once or twice a month, you really do miss hanging out with them and having geeky fun together.

Not all of our campaigns have survived the quarantine and of course, our typical board game nights aren't quite as prevalent as we're all stuck at home. But after different experiments and iterations of online game sessions, we've finally come up with a stable enough way to keep playing. And for now, our ongoing Pendragon RPG campaign has become a weekly game and that's one of the highlights of every week. Thank you for helping us retain our sanity, Discord.

And now the O Divas of O Bar have found a way to link their live streams together into a single online show which thus far as included them dancing their group choreography from their respective homes. It may not seem like but, but just watching this now "together" with a lot of our O Bar friends also watching the treat, it just reminds us how much we miss everyone and how it sort of helps get through this craziness knowing we're sharing this online experience together.

Here we go Week 7!