02431: Routine QuaranTweaks

Pot of Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 37

So after feeling weird about the repetition of our meals yesterday, I went ahead and cooked our weekly mushroom soup today and didn't feel so bad about it. This quarantine period certainly has its ups and downs and we just gotta roll with the punches as best as we can for now. And I know I feel a bit of a dip every time we enter a new week still under lockdown.

The summer heat is really ramping up into something killer, so today we changed things up and actually turned on the air conditioning. Normally we limit the use of the AC for when we have guests around, but we made an exception today. We cooled the whole Sietch, which really isn't that hard given the limited size of our space. I even turned on our diffuser to add a little something extra to the day and I think it all helped improve my mood for the beginning of the workweek. And since we haven't been going out to watch movies or plays, I figured we can afford a slightly higher electricity bill to help make getting through the next few weeks a little easier. 

But I still turned the AC off by sunset, since the evenings are still manageable enough even without the AC. And waking up to the summer sun in your face makes for a heck of natural alarm in the morning.

Just 10 more days until we fit the second scheduled end for the enhanced community quarantine. Still no confirmation on whether another extension is going to be implemented, but it'll help to stay creative in coming up other ways to cope with all the stress and frustrations of the quarantine.