0242F: Photographic Time Warping

Star Trek Discovery Funeral

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 35

Every now and then I find myself digging through my massive photo archive for one reason or another. Sometimes I'm just trying to remember when a particular event happened. Maybe I want to review who attended a particular birthday. Or maybe I just want to confirm whether or not I have a particular Transformer or Star Trek starship in our collection. And so I start digging.

Google Photos is a great tool for organizing your photo collection in a manner that keeps it usable and searchable, as was the principle behind Picasa before it. Especially in this age of digital photography where any phone is also a camera, we all end up amassing thousands of photos of just about anything. Picasa used to be great at tagging photos based on who are in them and it would make it easier to sort through virtual albums of particular people. This feature was imported into Google Photos when they transitioned but then has been rather wonky in recent years. I feel like the facial recognition has only recently rebooted and become a useable feature again, but I still find myself needing to reconstruct particular people albums in the hopes that I'm also "training" the app to better identify the people I want to see more. 

It makes for quite the nostalgia trip to dig through old photos. You see a lot of good times. You see friends who are no longer an active part of your life. You see people who are no longer with us. There are just so many stories behind individual moments captured as photographs.

It's the big reason why I put so much of an effort into documenting things in this manner.  I don't often take the time to go through everything I take but when I do I'm all the more appreciative that I did take the time to do so. It eats up a lot of time, but naturally this quarantine period does offer a lot of time for things like this.