0242E: Tiger Pacing

Two Bowls of Veggie Sausage Stir Fry

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 34

It's weird how maintaining a count of the duration of the quarantine period as a whole is starting to lose meaning to some degree. It's a number that just keeps going up and it's not exactly one that I keep in mind clearly. I know we're in our fourth week and I rely on my last blog update to keep track of what the count should be today. This quarantine has been going on for quite a while and we still have until at least the end of the month to go. For now.

Today Tobie and I played a round of Duelosaur Island after dinner. This is the 2-player variant of Dinosaur Island that's scaled down a bit more easier play. We have a few other 2-player games in our board game collection that don't get a lot of play since we tend to host game nights with more people. Now they're becoming a lot more relevant to getting through this quarantine period alongside our other games. And while I do enjoy playing games with Tobie, after I while I still look for the challenge of playing against other friends and maybe standing a better chance of winning as Tobie and I know each other too well and we end up blocking each other's plans without really thinking about it. 

I keep wanting to host Google Hangouts Meet calls with friends, but the reality is not everyone can afford to do splurge mobile data on non-work-related video conferencing. So it feels more prudent not to bother and let everyone continue to find entertainment without relying on the internet too much. Along similar lines, it means we've yet to find a way to try playing board games like Detective as an online experience with friends since I'm not sure who to loop in. This could work for cooperative games of this nature as people just need to be able to follow along with the story and not necessarily move pieces around the board.

It's weird that the weekends have become a lot less interesting versus the workweek since we don't have our jobs taking up most of our headspace in the day. Instead, it's more of a challenge to fill the time with this or that activity and it can get a little dragging to go through the same cycles over and over again. Or this is just me really wanting to go out and spend more time with friends and family instead of mostly staying home at the Sietch.