02424: More Quarantine Ahead

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 24

Today the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine was formally extended until 30 April 2020 versus last night's Presidental mention of the government being "inclined" to extend quarantine. Anyone who has been reading my blog entries knows that I've been pretty sure that it was going to get extended from very early on, and so here we are. 

While this move may not be the best thing for the economy and poorer sectors of the population are definitely going to feel the squeeze, it's still the best move to make from a public health perspective to help slow the rate of infection of people with COVID-19. Metro Manila hospitals are all practically maxed out in terms of COVID-19 cases that they can handle so it's a very tough call. But I'm pretty sure slowing down the disease sooner rather than later is the key strategy. If we lift quarantine prematurely, we may risk a more intense second wave of infections that will overwhelm our limited healthcare capacity.

We have a limited sense of normalcy, at least, and I cling to that as best as I can to remain stable. Our routine as of late is far from ideal, but it's workable and I've generally re-oriented my brain to accept that this is how things will go for the foreseeable future until the quarantine is lifted. And I won't lie, it upsets me greatly when even this limited routine get disrupted by this or that complication, largely stemming from new rules being introduced to the quarantine environment or other such complications. 

Things are crazy enough as it is without people in authority making things unnecessarily more complicated.