02422: Quarantine Week 4

BGC - Fifth Avenue

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 22

It's Palm Sunday and as we enter our fourth week of quarantine, our COVID-19 case count stands at 3,246. The number of new infections reported per day has been lower over the weekend and I don't know if that reflects the beginning of a shift in the results or it's just something to do with the government being more caught up with the testing backlog or fewer tests processed outside weekdays. We can continue to hope for the best, but I feel we still have a long way to go. 

Different political personalities have gone on record today to state that they think the quarantine needs to be extended for another 15-20 days. This isn't necessarily a public health assessment, I think, but more the economic reality. The country can only remain shut down like this so long before the economy really starts to tank. I haven't had the guts to even check on my stocks since all this craziness started as I know it's going to look bad in the short term. Hopefully, things will get better once quarantine is lifted and we figure out what "normal life" is going to be like moving forward.

On the homefront, things have been pretty chill today. We did our best to wake up later after staying up to watch old mystery movies but still managed to get out of bed on time for "work" had this been a weekday. The main focus was our online Pendragon RPG session, which relied on Discord for voice chat support. Before the actual game started, we actually just spent a good amount of time talking about life under quarantine and how everyone was doing and it was a nice bit of socialization. We should probably try setting up calls just for the sake of talking or something, but then it still feels weird to do so. What is this digital life that constrains us?