0241E: Quarantine Numbers

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 18

I was randomly going through my Google Location History to answer the question of how often have I not leave the Sietch at all throughout this quarantine. Looking at 15 March until today, the answer is 12 out of 18 days, so that's a good enough ratio for now. I foresee going out less as things are relatively more stable now with the Sietch decently supplied, outside work stuff settled and all that fun stuff. If you prefer that as a percentage, I have stayed entirely home 66.67% of the duration of this quarantine.

Today we only had 227 new COVID-19 cases, bringing our total case count to 2,311. That's only 57.81% of yesterday's record increase of 538 cases. Has anyone done a trendline analysis of the diagnosis curve? I wonder what that may look like. Ultimately, I don't think we have enough information to determine whether or not we've made any progress in terms of flattening the curve, as everyone is fond of saying, hashtagging, and stressing across TV and social media. I don't think we have a decent understanding of how big the curve is going to be just yet.

11 is the number of Maxicare-affiliated hospitals that have reported that they can no longer admit COVID-19 patients as they are already at capacity. 12 is the number of hospitals mandated by DOH to accept such cases. 3 is the number of referral hospitals designated to accept more critical COVID-19 cases.

I don't have other numbers to highlight at the moment. The news has been a little crazy today so let's not dig into the wilder stuff just yet.