02436: Tobie's Online Birthday

Conti's Mango Bravo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 42

Today is Tobie's birthday and the best thing we could manage to celebrate this occasion is to host a Google Hangouts Meet call with friends to hang out, play Jackbox.tv games together with my O Bar Spotify playlist playing on shuffle in the background. It's no replacement for an actual birthday party, but it's something at least. Besides, we already had the whole cake experience yesterday thanks to Tobie's family.

I think the main treat we did for ourselves today was ordering out for both lunch dinner (albeit I still blanched veggies to go with lunch). So it was a pretty low effort day on the domestic front, and that's cool.

We also managed to play a session of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective over Discord with the help of a Google Jamboard for coordinating our investigation and Google Drive for sharing clues from the actual game. It took a lot more work than an actual game of Sherlock Holmes. We didn't quite solve the case all that well, but I'm more glad that we just found a way to play, especially with friends we haven't been able to talk to as much given the quarantine. And with things due to last until at least 15 May, it helps to get as creative as possible in finding ways to socialize and scratch those geeky itches.

Well, back to the online party! Hope you all have a great yet still safe weekend.