02591: Early Trip Reflection

Staying in again on a Saturday night. What initially felt to be a length Singapore trip is quickly coming to an end by Monday. Time really does fly when you're having fun with family that includes a precocious 1-year-old boy.

This weekend started out with the potential to be highly eventful in unusual ways but thankfully things resolved themselves a little sooner than expected and we were able to enjoy most of the weekend in a relatively normal fashion.

Looking back, I'm kinda surprised that I didn't get more reading done while I was here. I guess that shows how much of my free time went into either work or playing with my nephew. Really, I've been pretty quick to volunteer to watch up whenever needed since I know that it will never feel like I'll have enough time with him,

Just today I really loved his encounter with some animatronic dinosaurs at the nearby Toys R Us. At first he was both fascinated and fearful as he couldn't take his eyes off the dinosaurs but also stayed very close to us. Finally, when given the chance to run free he went right up to the pair of Brachiosauruses and gave some big baby gibberish speech, ran back to his parents, ran back to the dinosaurs, had more to say and repeated this cycle a few times. I'd like to think this was him working up the nerve to approach something that had initially scared him and it was quite the experience. Plus he was totally adorable the whole time as he'd run back and forth to confront the dinosaurs.

I'm going to miss being present for little moments like that.