0258D: Rainy Orchard Jaunt

It has been raining a lot today, which feels a little unusual for Singapore. I was lucky enough to manage a decent jog during a non-rainy window of time, so that was good. But then it rained steadily throughout the afternoon well into the evening, making getting home from work more complicated than it needed to be.

Despite the inclement weather, I still managed to meet up with some gaming friends who happen to be in Singapore this week as well. We had a decent dinner and then I showed them our geekier stops while in Singapore and on the whole it made for a nice night.

I hope the weather shifts to sunnier times again soon, especially with all the other meetings and events we have for this trip. Plus there's that notion that the nasty coronavirus thrives more in cooler weather and it's hotter tropical weather that stands a better chance of limiting the effectiveness of the virus. And ever bit counts these days.