0258B: Stepping Out for Sunday

We actually stepped out today despite the prevailing nCoV fears. We kind of figured that it would be a good time to venture out briefly while the crowds are diminished from normal levels. But as a precaution, the nephew stayed home.

We had a good lunch and I even got to check out Games @ PI for possible tabletop games of interest but only left with the new SGAG game Off Track and nothing else. Then we visited Books Kinokuniya because books will always be a key priority in life and found some items of interest.

Work resumes tomorrow and we've implemented some precautionary measures for the SG office to keep pace with the evolving virus situation. It's projected to be a pretty busy week ahead given different events and initiatives that we're dealing with, but we'll do our best to maintain the usual level of service without unnecessarily putting the team at risk. The situation at home in Manila seems a lot more stable for now, or maybe we just don't have any indicators of risk until more cases of nCoV are diagnosed back there.

I have another full week in Singapore. Hopefully, things won't get too crazy before I go home. I honestly don't think it will, but you never know how situations like this might progress.