02585: Mobile Fitness Considerations

So we've locked in my work trip for this week and I'll be flying to Singapore on Wednesday. More than anything, this brings me back to the question fo how do I avoid losing my gym momentum while there. The bare minimum is to jog in the morning around the area since I'm already familiar with some of the walking paths and such. I should probably still try to keep up with my Nike Training Club app workout plan with adaptations for when I don't quite have access to all the usual gym equipment.

I know my sister has some dumbbells and other home-friendly exercise gear that the app supports so I'll just need to make time for it. Things do get quite distractingly busy whenever I'm in Singapore given the differences in my work functions there. The big advantage to being in with the Manila side of our operations is the less direct client interactions beyond electronic communication and the occasional phone call. But when I'm in town we end up scheduling a lot of meetings and that naturally takes up a fair amount of time.

She has also suggested we just sign up for free trial passes at nearby gyms so that I can still work out properly, which actually isn't a terrible idea. I only really have to consider all this for this particular trip. For future trips, I'll already have my full Anytime Fitness benefits, which include being able to use their Singapore-based gyms while I'm in town (which is one of the main reasons that I signed up in the first place).

I'm kinda tempted to try the gym at Changi. What a weird thought, right? But hey if I get there early enough for my return flight, then why not? Although I'd still need to figure out the shower situation there and make sure I bring a change of clothes and...yeah, maybe that's a little too complicated.

Recap: jog around the area is my bare minimum. Better that I test how well the Nike Training Club app adapts to home-based limitations. Or we take advantage of gym trials. Sounds like a plan? Definitely a plan.

So yeah, I better pack some workout gear for this trip.