0239E: Friday Fun Plans

Random Chupa Chups activation at Net Park tonight

So it's the weekend again and this time around Tobie is a lot better health-wise than he was last week. It took a fair amount of rest and aggressive over-the-counter medication to get him back in more or less working order and I'm looking forward to "proper" weekend plans this time around. This starts with tonight's plans of heading out to O Bar to sort of make up for canceling last week's plans at the last minute given Tobie's condition.

It's a shame that tonight's board game plans didn't push through though. We were supposed to have a few friends over for board games while catching up and then we were all going to go to O Bar together. But one thing has led to another and we'll just have to reschedule with them for another time. At least we are still expecting to see a few friends are the bar later. no night is complete without good friends there to celebrate with us.

Tomorrow we have the monthly FGTC board game session, which is always a lot of fun for sure. On Sunday we'll be watching our first Repertory play for the year, which will pretty much kick off our personal theater adventures for the year.

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead as well!