0239D: Vampire Aging

One of the more unexpected additions to our regular gaming calendar involves our mid-week Vampire: the Masquerade sessions. With weekends in such high demand for gaming, it's nice to find another way to add more gaming to our routine and it's also a little geeky pick-me-up amid all the usual work stuff.

We've been playing through this particular campaign since August 2019 and as of today we're already in our 10th session. Given how most of our RPG campaigns meet once a month at best, this better illustrates the gift that this game is as we get to play 2-3 times a month, albeit with tighter 3-ish hour sessions. We don't exactly go crazy since we all have work to consider so we can't game into the wee hours of the morning.

This may well become my longest-running Vampire campaign. As one of the core White Wolf game settings out there, you'd think that I would have played more of this particular game by now. But we have often joked that this particular game is cursed for me since numerous attempts at getting through Vampire campaigns have repeatedly ended with outside factors disrupting schedules and breaking up the game group.

So I really hope this game continues on for as long as it needs to. My Tremere forensic investigator is off on a weird tangent as our coterie seems divided by different plots active in the city. In other words, it's quite the compelling Vampire game in a city full of intrigue and all the fun wheels within wheels.