02394: Tuesday Quiet

It's a rather chilly night and the walk home from work was really nice. I sort of took my time and even swung by Real Food to pick up more keto consumables to help me get through the week. Upon getting home I almost headed out again for a jog but then domestic inertia won out and I just heated up yesterday's leftovers for dinner.

Oddly enough, I'm finally catching up with Suits after losing track of the show sometime during Season 7. These are the shows I end up watching without Tobie since I save our shared viewing time for more important stuff like Picard and the like.  After I get through my dailies I'll probably fire up Star Trek: Online to catch up with the anniversary event stuff, or unbox Transformers for the sheer fun of it. But I can't stay up too late or I'll run out of time to hit the gym before work.

All in all, just keeping busy before Tobie gets home.