02392: About to Fly Home

I'm flying home tomorrow and as always it's a bittersweet feeling. I'm eager to be back home at the Sietch but it's always sad to leave my sister and her family, especially given how much I dote on my nephew. This trip includes weird achievements like assembling that kiddie desk/tower they got from Ukraine, which he's only just beginning to learn to use and appreciate at the tail end of this trip.

I know I say this every time we're all going to be apart again whether they visited Manila or I visited Singapore or wherever. Every time I can't help but think about how quickly the little guy is growing up and every trip means meeting an almost different little person as he comes into his own. I love him to bits and I'd like to think that I made good use of my time and had a lot of fun with him. He should be old enough to remember me as a fun uncle, right?

The whole COVID-19 scare may have been a mixed blessing since I ended up not meeting up with Singapore-based friends anymore and didn't bother going out as much as I probably could given the length of this trip. Instead, it was just a lot of time with the family, which is always a good thing and those moments are priceless in their own right.

At least the timing of my flight means that I'll get to join the family in dropping off my nephew at daycare in the morning. Then it'll be straight off to the airport and back to the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.