02579: Another Step, Another Challenge

The current weight-loss trend continues and I fear writing about it will jinx it, but I'm really happy about it all. Today the scale read a flat 79kg, which again is the lowest I've been in years. Having lunch with Tobie at Sariwon may not help this trend, but maybe my loose intermittent fasting schedule will keep things in balance. I'm happy for the progress I've observing this week but part of me fears that I'll just slide back without thinking.

I'm writing about this in the middle of an RPG session - our mid-week Vampire game. And gaming can be quite the trigger for snacking and other indulgent eating. Sure, I've been able to stick to keto-compliant snacking even during game nights, but my weight loss for this week indicates that just sticking to keto isn't enough. So for tonight, I was quite to finish dinner before my window closed at 09:00pm and that worked out well enough. The bigger challenge will be this weekend given a lot of our game nights run into the wee hours of the morning and continued grazing between game sessions is sort of a regular part of such events.

Maybe I'll give myself some wiggle room and relax this experiment for the weekend. But more likely I'm going to do my best to stick to it as best I can and see how things go from there.