02578: Weight Milestone Week

So I've finally dipped below 80kg after over three months of dancing between 81kg and 82kg. Yesterday it was a flat 80kg and today I was 79.6kg despite my fears I'd be back around 81kg after a one-day dip. Maybe this is the start of a serious weight-loss period as I've experienced every few months ever since I started on keto. Maybe it's a fluke and I'll gain it all back. But for today, I'm super happy and moments like this really help spur me on and push me to do more to continue to improve my overall level of health.

And so I've just drunk an odd concoction of two cups of water, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and some calamansi (instead of lemon juice) based on the recommendations of Dr. Berg of YouTube fame. It's supposed to be good for my liver or something given everything I end up eating on keto and I figured it was worth an experiment. Plus there are all the other supposed health benefits of apple cider vinegar especially related to weight loss if the internet at large is to be believed.

I'm also convinced that shifting to more of an intermittent fasting schedule seems to be a good move for me (another thing Dr. Berg recommends), given that's one of the only real changes I've made recently. I was already sort of doing it since my typical meals are lunch and dinner. But it was only recently that I started to follow the practice more consciously by eliminating late-night snacking before bed. I'm already quite consistent when it comes to eating only keto-compliant stuff, so maybe starting to fast for 16 hours has helped push things along.

So there's sticking to keto, trying to make a habit about of intermittent fasting, silly apple cider vinegar drinks before bed for my liver, jogging in the morning and eventually a gym membership and even more exercising.

Am I really doing this?

I guess I'm doing this.