02576: Three Days of Gaming

We just wrapped up our third tabletop game session of the weekend, marking another busy weekend of geekery. And while I do love our RPG sessions, weekends like this with back-to-back board game sessions aren't too bad either.

The diversity of people we had at the table this weekend made for equally diverse game choices. We got a lot of play out of Espionage a local game that we wanted to share with others. But then we also managed to dig up some old favorites like Caverna, who don't get to play as often since there's a bit of a time investment. We also got a fair amount of play out of Chronicles of Crime, a new addition to our collection thanks to Tobie's continued efforts on the secondhand game market.

We gamed with old friends we haven't seen together in a while along with newer friends that we're starting to hang out with more on a regular basis. It was a great weekend for many different reasons and I hope the year is filled with more good times like the past few days. We all deserve stress-free gaming without unnecessary complications.