02570: Ashfall Monday

Today we stayed in for the most part given the ongoing volcanic activity for Taal Volcano. Ashfall was experienced all throughout Metro Manila all the way the far north and so we kept all the windows closed just to be sure. I woke up feeling some asthma irritation this morning but with the support of some maintenance meds and I got back on track. I haven't experienced any asthma symptoms in literally months because of being on keto so it was weird to have that feeling of tightness in my chest again.

The surrounding buildings were a useful gauge of how bad the ash was getting. It was particularly hazy in the afternoon and Taal has remained at around Alert Level 4 all day with a few lava fountains early in the morning and again in the afternoon. It's pretty stressful and things look really bad further south, but what else can we do but get through things as best we can.

We both worked from home today but tomorrow it looks like it's back to normal for everyone unless Taal goes crazy tonight. Only time will tell, I suppose. Let's hope for the best.


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