0256D: Home Photography Support

A few months ago, I opted to finally try out one of those foldable lightboxes for my toy photography efforts. For the most part, I've been freeballing things mainly using natural light or poor overhead fluorescent lighting when I conduct toy unboxing at night. Getting the lightbox represented a serious step up to take better photos.

My initial efforts were pretty promising and this cheap little box does a decent job of helping me. And to some degree it's actually encouraged me to get to take more photos, thus helping me process the many, many unopened toys and models stacked in different piles around the house.

After meeting my personal goal of unboxing all of my Transformers purchased within 2019 before the end of that year, now my attention has turned to get back to documenting my subscription-based Star Trek Starships Collection and Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection to boot. Eaglemoss already gets so much of my money. It sort of amazes me that I haven't fallen into the trap of their Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica or even Alien lines of models.

But man, I really do love me my little diecast ships. As much as I appreciate the Star Wars franchise and its crazy collection of ships and droids, Star Trek will always be my first science fiction love. And given how nice the photos of the ships using the lightbox have come out, I'm kind of tempted to re-take photos of the ships I had already documented just to make things more uniform in my collated album or something. but I need to address my backlog first. LOL