0256A: Test Gaming

Tonight we got to playtest a game that a friend is working on. I won't say more as it's still getting fleshed out, but needless to say, it was an interesting experience. I hope we were able to provide helpful feedback for his game. I'm pretty excited to see how it'll develop.

Moments like this are when I better appreciate the sheer size of our board game collection and the wide variety of game experiences we've curated within the collection. While we do have game lines we're heavily invested in like Carcasonne and the Legendary deckbuilding games, Tobie's influence has helped to include many games with unique gameplay mechanics like Nyctophobia where you pretty much play blindfolded or Treasure Island where you draw search circles on the map as you try to locate the treasure, or A Fake Artist Goes to New York where players each draw a single stroke to form a drawing that one of them shouldn't be able to guess (hard to explain in a clause). So many different games each with unique game mechanics that help enrich our game knowledge.

And there will always be a new game to try, a new mechanic to experience, a new adventure to undertake in this tabletop gaming world. And I'm glad that we're active participants in this happy, geeky community.