02564: Variable Family Time

This holiday season ended with me spending some time with Tobie's family for a change as we got to surprise his parents for New Year's Eve dinner but also showed up for New Year's Day lunch the next day. Similarly, Tobie was able to join my family for lunch as a sort of send-off for the Chins before they flew home.

In previous years we had a clear demarkation for our holiday celebrations and would go our respective ways for Christmas and New Year but meet up again after at O Bar to continue the celebrations, but together this time. And while that largely works, I do appreciate how we're mixing things up more this time around. I'm not sure how we'll deal with things should we reach a point where our holiday plans come into direct conflict somehow, but we'll deal with that should the situation come along.

Despite going to O Bar after the fireworks last night, this was a relatively chill New Year celebration for us. O Bar was fun but not too crazy and we didn't get too hammered, which is good. Lunch with Tobie's family was pretty easy-going, with the table talk nicely free-flowing and a lot of times just fun to listen to. I also got to play with Tobie's young nephew, who was still pretty shy around me but did finally warm up a bit just before we left.

Tonight we're just resting and getting back on schedule as we both have work tomorrow. Some friends are actually going out tonight, but I know that Tobie and I won't survive another O Bar night so soon and still have enough energy for work tomorrow. Plus I'll also get back to my fitness routine now that I'm largely recovered from the bit of illness that nearly took me down over the weekend. A lot of things are set for tomorrow and we gotta balance real-life obligation as best we can.