0252D: Low Power

Oddly tired today, so much so that I'm not quite up to writing tonight so I'm back to the fallback of writing about not knowing what to write about. I guess that just means I really need to rest and hope to feel better tomorrow. Plus I have a meeting first thing in the morning and so I can't afford to be late for work, and all that fun stuff.

It's been a rather busy week and what we see in the news is pretty bonkers and not at all helpful. From Leni Renbredo now taking on the role of "drug czar", even if only in a co-chair capacity to the back and forth drama over a possible Trump impeachment. Interesting times and such.

Had a great dinner and now we're just killing time with the latest season of She-Ra on Netflix. I wish I could sign up for Disney+ already, but I guess sign-ups are still US-only for now. Boo.