0252C: Rains Return

The long-expected rains have come back in force this week and it's a bit of a downer. Sure, our perpetually thirsty water reservoirs need the rains badly in order to refill the stockpiles, but it also makes Metro Manila traffic largely intolerable. And this is just weather-related traffic given the holiday shopping season is just building up steam as November marches forward.

I've been expecting it to rain for a while now based on Google weather predictions and just my general feel for things, but it's only tonight that Tobie and I really had to deal with the change in weather. It wasn't too terrible and our umbrella managed to shield us from most of it, but it's just a little reminder that the rainy season is still alive and kicking.

My main worry is how the weather may affect my morning jogging efforts. I'm not exactly equipped for all-weather running just yet and I lean heavily on my audiobooks to distract me from any complaints my legs have when I try to push myself harder. I don't exactly want to go back to pacing the Sietch alone to hit my daily minimum 12,000 steps goal nor do I expect the condo gym to have a treadmill waiting for me either. So yeah, we'll see how I can manage my jogging with the weather. Maybe I'll just use our more beach-appropriate phone pouch to shield it from the elements.