02524: Deepavali Rest Day

Since Deepavali fell on a Sunday this year, today was an observed holiday in Singapore and I got the day off. I totally took advantage of this by sleeping in, finally managing to get a decent 8 hours under my belt and just trying to avoid anything too strenuous today.

Beyond finishing the second season of Broadchurch, I dedicated time to finally unboxing my new Omega Supreme figure and putting him through his paces. I appreciate how he's a mix of modern engineering and efforts to pay homage to the original G1 figure.

I did make sure to still jog today and instead of running at 8am I went for a late afternoon run. It was certainly a lot cooler than running in the morning but the level of effort felt harder to manage for some reason. Maybe it was leftover fatigue from the weekend or the difference between running right after waking up versus after a good brunch. I'll stick to my morning schedule for now, mainly because it complements my work schedule for now.

Time flies.