02521: Weekend Overwhelming

Steel Force and Thunderhawk at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. Photo by Ryan Painter, http://photos.tideblue.com
This weekend is going to be epically busy, and I can only hope we get through things alive.

1. ESGS 2019 - Tobie has a booth at this year's ESGS again and he has already been manning it alone on both Thursday and Friday. The event still runs until Sunday, so that'll eat upmost of our time.

2. O Bar Halloween Event - Saturday night is this year's O Bar Halloween event and it's going to be pretty epic with the likes of Regine Velasquez as a guest of the bar. We're not sure what table space we'll have and we still need to wrangle our costumes for the night. And this is considering we'll be coming from ESGS Day 2.

3. Sweeney Todd - I accidentally booked us to watch the Atlantis staging of Sweeney Todd on Sunday night, which is after ESGS Day 3. At the very least, it's over at The Theatre at Solaire so it's just down the street from the SMX Convention Center where ESGS is being held.

So yeah, time to get arms in the air - this ride is about to begin in earnest.